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mcr OSO THERM 75 smoke exhaust windows

Mcr OSO THERM 75 smoke exhaust windows are a family of innovative products that we developed combining our 30-years’ experience in the natural smoke ventilation market with the expertise of the leading European experts in window profile sector. We designed this solution taking into account the requirements of the changing construction market and the expectations of our customers. We have additionally designed special grooves in the window profiles facilitating quick, non-invasive assembly and adjustment of drive brackets and cable laying in order to maintain the best aesthetic effect. Universal profile and bracket standardisation make the customer aware from the very beginning what the final solution is going to look like, guarantee easy assembly, ensure favourable delivery times and aesthetic values.



bottom hung opening outward
bottom hung opening inward
top hung opening outward
top hung opening inward

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DESIGN – various types of leaf-fillings with glazing units to meet specific user requirements. Actuator type and opening angle and direction appropriately selected to meet performance requirements.

FUNCTION – smoke exhaust facade windows, air inlet windows, natural ventilation windows, day lighting.

HEAT – aluminium profiles with separators providing excellent thermal insulation - without thermal bridges. High class glazing units with thermally insulated frame providing maximum thermal comfort.

QUALITY – complex cross-section of the aluminium profiles, sliding assembly brackets, fittings and actuators from renowned companies guarantee the final effect of the delivered product.

AESTHETICS - wide colour range of RAL palette and possibility of finishing using wood imitating varnishes. The application of small size drives assembled parallel to the window surface.

UNIVERSAL DESIGN – possibility of combining the windows in groups, assembly in any façade system and wall type. Sliding drive assembly system facilitates adjustment to the existing assembly conditions.

Certificate of constancy of performance 1396-CPR-0128 (according to EN 12101- 2:2003)
- Re1000 - operational reliability during 1000 cycles of opening and closing to smoke exhaust position, and 10 000 cycles to ventilation position (double function window)
- WL1000 / WL1250 / WL1500 - operational certainty of window under wind stress equivalent to 1500 Pa, 1200 Pa or 1000 Pa (depending on type, size and accessories),
- T(00) - resistance of windows to low temperature 0°C
- B300 - resistance of windows to high temperature 300°C
- SL0 - operational certainty of vents under snow load 0 N/m2
- min. nominal dimensions: 800 [mm] x 800 [mm]
- max. nominal dimensions - horizontal arrangement BxH: 2700 [mm] x 1300 [mm]
- max. nominal dimensions - vertical arrangement BxH: 1600 [mm] x 2200 [mm]
Description of standard:
• smoke exhaust windows made of custom-designed multi-chamber aluminium profiles with polyamide thermal breaks
• spindle or chain actuator
• profile width: frame 75 mm and leaf 84 mm
• system of grooves in the profile of the leaf and frame with a covering profile allows to route cables and easily install actuator consoles
• leaf glazing: triple glass 4/18/4/18/4 (heat transfer coefficient Ug=0.5W / (m²K)), triple safety glass 4/18/4/18/33.1 (Ug=0.5W / (m²K)), double glass 4/16/33.1 (Ug=1.1W / (m²K)) or sandwich panel (ALU-PIR-ALU) (Ug=0.66W / (m²K))
• windows joined with each other by means of vertical or horizontal connection sets
• leaf opening angle 10° ÷ 90° (depending on the size of the window and type of control used)
• exhaust or daily ventilation control: 24 V- / 48 V- power supply or 230 V~
• use of an electro-lock with interface for the selected dimensional range of smoke exhaust windows with spindle actuators





  • Production halls and warehouses
  • Logistics centers
  • Public buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential buildings

Non-standard options

• possibility of making intermediate dimensions of smoke exhaust windows
• possibility of painting profiles any RAL standard colour; structural or wood imitation colour
• possibility of making bi-colour windows
• glazing beads available in rectangular or rounded versions
• decorative bars referring to the style of old architecture as well as a modern element of architecture:
   - stuck on - glued to the glazing unit both inside and outside
   - internal - placed inside the glazing unit
• glazing bars - dividing the glass into many smaller formats