mcr PROSMOKE automatic smoke curtains

Smoke curtains are one of the element of natural smoke exhaust system. Their basic function is to separate smoke zones within a building – mostly in large rooms. Automatic curtains are used mainly in buildings where aesthetic qualities are of importance, e.g. shopping malls, exhibition and trade halls. The desired effect is achieved by making the curtain blend with the ceiling in the standby position.

AESTHETICS - in standby mode curtains are invisible thanks to the masking element available in any RAL colour
COMMON BOTTOM LOAD - it ensures a stable position of multi-modular curtains during unfolding
SEQUENTIAL START-UP - it is possible thanks to equipping the automatic curtains with additional sensors and proper configuration of the control box
MULTI-MODULAR SOLUTIONS - for precise installation in curved and round lines
CORNER CONNECTIONS - curtains can be mounted both in a straight line or at any angle
ADJUSTMENT FOR FIRE PROTECTION PURPOSES - you can choose one of two methods of descending the rolling curtains:
-by gravity (FS)
-by means of motors (CE)

Parameters of mcr PROSMOKE CE and FS curtains




curtain descent


gravity fail-safe

maximum number of modules

10 pieces

14 pieces

minimum module width

0.8 m

2.0 m

curtain height range

0.5 m ÷ 6.5 m

0.5 m ÷ 6.5 m

maximum 24V- power consumption

4 A (motor)

0.25 A (brake)

motor voltage

24V, DC

230V, AC

fire classification

D30, D60, DH30, DH60

D30 ÷ D180

angular connections



  • Production halls and warehouses
  • Logistics centers
  • Public buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential buildings