mcr PS-25 - fire-proof intumescent band

European Technical Approval ETA-17/0676

Certificate of Constancy of Performance: 1488-CPR-0624/W

Declaration of Performance: 84017-84026

Fire resistance class up to EI 120.


mcr PS-25 fire-proof band is made of elastic tapes of thermoplastic material containing dispersed graphite with an addition of fillers and technologic oils. mcr PS-25 intumescents above 140°C and fills in the opening caused by the burnt-out installation. The band is sold in rolled form, for DIY preparing for the given pipe size, or in ready-made form, suitable for specific pipe size.


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  • band elasticity (facilitates installation at small pipe diameters)
  • band in the form of a roll allows to protect different sizes of flammable pipes, without the necessity of previous inventorying
  • low protection costs
  • possibility of installation in combined penetrations

Technical data are available in the folder.

  • Production halls and warehouses
  • Logistics centers
  • Public buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential buildings

Barrier thicknesses (minimum):

  • 120 mm – concrete walls
  • 125 mm – drywalls
  • 150 mm – full brick and cellular concrete walls
  • 150 mm – reinforced concrete and cellular concrete ceilings