Tecsel - Fire-protecting intumescent air grilles

The Tecsel fire protection intumescent air grilles enable air to pass freely at room temperature through a structural part (walls, doors, etc.) while providing effective protection against flames, smoke and gases in the event of fire. When exposed to high temperature, they swell and form a layer of impact-resistant, non-flammable foam, which is an insulating layer preventing the penetration of flames, smoke and gases.

  • they react at low temperatures (from 100°C)
  • they seal the opening in which they are installed (usually in the fifth minute, depending on heat exposure)
  • easy to install
  available dimensions thickness
TECSEL V60 EI120 100x100 mm 60 mm
TECSEL V60 EI120 150x150 mm 60 mm
TECSEL V60 EI120 200x200 mm 60 mm
TECSEL V60 EI120 250x250 mm 60 mm
TECSEL V60 EI120 300x300 mm 60 mm
TECSEL V60 EI120 400x400 mm 60 mm
TECSEL V60 EI120 450x450 mm 60 mm
TECSEL V60 EI120 500x500 mm 60 mm
TECSEL V60 EI120 600x600 mm 60 mm

The Tecsel air grilles are designed for mechanical installation using screws, bolts, anchors or other fasteners, which should have the same fire resistance as the components on which they are installed. We recommend leaving a 2-3 mm gap around the air grille and fill it with a refractory glue, e.g. mcr Sil-MK. If the ventilation opening is larger, several air grilles can be installed, provided that the necessary fire resistance and distance between them are fulfilled.


They can be installed in:

  • walls
  • ceilings
  • doors
  • ventilation systems
  • cable ducts

For indoor use (avoid exposure to water, high humidity or temperatures in excess of 40°C).

Store in a cool and dry place.