mcr Silboard - fire-protection board systems

Technical Approval: ITB no. AT-15-9783/2016

Certificate of Compliance: ITB-2511/W

National Declaration of Performance KDWU/HZ/05/2017

European Technical Approval ETA-18/0546

National Technical Approval ITB-KOT-2018/0560 (1. edition)

The mcr Silboard system consists of innovative fire-protection calcium silicate boards designed for:

  • building self-supporting EIS120 ventilation and smoke exhaust ducts
  • building cable ducts ensuring an uninterrupted electrical power supply or signal transmission for 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes
  • fireproofing reinforced concrete construction components, reinforced with carbon fibre strips and cloths, in up to 120 minutes depending on the critical temperature of the adhesive applied
  • fireproofing steel structures, in classes R15-R180 (one layer) and R15-R360 (two layers)
  • building non-bearing fire division walls in classes EI 120 and EI 240

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  • board thickness of no more than 40 mm – the thinnest insulation layer available for EIS120 ducts
  • high mechanical strength
  • easy to work; quick, simple and clean installation
  • smooth and clean surface of fire protection insulation
  • no need to insulate steel brackets supporting ventilation and smoke exhaust ducts and cable ducts
  • no toxicity, no health-hazardous substances
  • total resistance to biodegradation (fungi, bacteria)
  • weather exposure category Y – indoor applications and partial exposure to weather conditions as per ETAG 018-4
  • density: 550 ± 15% kg/m3
  • non-combustible product, reaction to fire class A1 as per EN 13501-1
  • heat transfer factor λ=0,095 W/(m·K)
  • available sizes: 800 x 1250 mm
  • thickness: 20, 30, 40, 50 mm

Read our brochure for detailed technical data.

  • Public buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Residential buildings

In addition to the mcr Silboard, the fireproofing kit contains:

  • mcr Sil-MK adhesive
  • mcr Sil-MU intumescent seals
  • TECSEL intumescent air grilles
  • mcr Polylack K and mcr Polylack KG fire protection intumescent putties
  • non-combustible mineral wool with a minimum density of 50 kg/m3
  • steel profiles and threaded steel bolts for suspending wires, complete with nuts and washers, available on the market
  • steel anchors for fixing supports, hangers and bands to protect cable penetrations in walls and ceilings